You don’t just need an agent — you need a coverage technician.

We do more than just negotiate renewal terms and place coverage with carriers; we protect clients from taking on unnecessary risk.

We're not just your agent. We're your partner.

Working in the construction industry is fast-paced, ever-changing, and difficult. Choosing an agency partner to work fearlessly on your behalf shouldn’t be.

A lot of insurance agencies say they do contract management, but how many of them can say that they've helped their policyholders through 7,500 claims and learned exactly where contracts break down? 

We can. With our team of dedicated, responsive, experienced insurance technicians, we guide each of our customers through the complicated layers of contract language and transfer as much of the jobsite risk to the appropriate party as possible. Not just sometimes. All the time.

Here's the thing: we don't know everything about everything, but we know a whole lot of things about crane and rigging insurance. Which is precisely why we use our hard-earned industry and technical knowledge to educate our customers, as well as the industry at large.

If you need an answer, we can get you one. If you need training, we can help facilitate. And if you need analysis and data, we can get you that, too. It all boils down to this—knowledge, education, and expertise are guiding lights for our organization. Give us a chance and we'll show you how.

Over the years, we learned that one of the greatest ways to manage risk was to address it at the policy-form level. We saw inherent deficiencies within standard insurance forms, so we set out to fix them. 

At Emery & Karrigan, we're unique in our ability to innovate insurance coverage to the advantage of our insureds—something we're certain that not many insurance agencies can say. 

Our goal is to help
you succeed.




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Our Core Values

Everything we do here at Emery & Karrigan—whether we're hiring staff, issuing certificates, or answering the phone—is driven by our core values. 

We bring a sense of empathy to everything we do.

We care deeply about the plight of crane companies forced to pay for damages they didn’t cause. This empathy informs every decision we make. 

Urgency matters.

Our clients can’t wait. We respond to every issue with the same sense of urgency—whether related to contracts, coverage, or customer service.

We’re experts in
crane and rigging.

No other agency understands the crane and rigging insurance industry better than we do. Whether designing policy forms or managing contractual risk, we know how to protect our clients. 

We’re extremely driven.

We’re driven in everything we do. We ambitiously negotiate the best possible coverage terms, the best possible prices, and strive to offer the best possible service.